GTA IV San Andreas

One of the sequels to the popular first-person driver game


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  • Category General
  • Program license Free
  • Version beta-3
  • Size 21.47 kB
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by GTAIV:SA Team

Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas is the fourth installment in the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise and lets you try your hand as a bad guy as you race through city streets and win prizes to advance in the game.

If you ever played the game when the designer first released it, you'll want to give the remastered version a shot. This new version comes with entirely new graphics that enhance game play and let you go even further. Though this is a mod version of the game, it still comes with all the features and missions that you loved about the original.

One of the most impressive things about Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas is that it comes with a brand new design of the city. No matter how many times you played the original, you'll still find new things in this one. Those lags that you experienced before are now a thing of the past. This one runs as smoothly as possible on most Windows devices. As the first game in the series that uses the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, you'll find that it comes with more action than ever before. The only downside is that you must have a version of the game already installed on your computer before using this mod.

Many players love the the enhanced graphics and sound found on this mod. The roar of the engines, the scream of the sirens and the gasps from those you pass will pull you into the game and make playing a little more exciting. You'll also have the opportunity to replay some of your favorite moments and scenes to show off your skills to others.

As this is a mod, you will still have access to all the great features of the game itself. You choose the type of car you want to drive before hitting the streets to accomplish the missions that pop up. The game gives you complete access to the world of San Andreas and lets you pick out new cars and select new weapons to go even further. There are more than 200 vehicles available in the game for players too. You can also play mini games, engage in turf wars, modify your vehicles and even play with friends. The only issues you may face are that the large size of the file may slow down your computer and it can sometimes crash, especially when running other mods at the same time.


  • Enhances the world of the standard game
  • Improves the sound and graphics of the original game
  • Installs quickly on most computers
  • Makes playing the original game a little easier
  • Reduces lag within the game


  • Is a large file size
  • May cause lags when using other computer programs
  • Can sometimes crash
  • Features may change since it is still in the beta phase
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